The K-100 offers water flow monitoring, leak detection and alerts, and water conservation calculations.  The unit includes the Water Hero Flow Sensor, strapped on to an existing water meter and interconnected with WiFi.
The P-100 offers water flow monitoring, leak detection and alerts, water conservation calculations and remote/automatic shut-off to detect/prevent leaks.  The unit includes the Water Hero Flow Sensor, our Water Hero Water Meter [on which the Flow Sensor is secured to] and an on/off shut-off valve to enable remote/automatic shut-off.
We recently built our home and have well water. We have a pump house that feeds the home. I was looking for a way to view the temperature of the pump house on my phone. I was also looking for a way to measure how much water we were using.
I found Water Hero which gives me this functionality, plus much more. I love being able to get on my phone, or the web, and see currently how much water is flowing, what the temperature of the pump house is, and being able to see how much water we have used. I can set alarms, where I get a text if the water flows for 30 mins. This is great and has allowed me to tease my wife for taking long showers! LOL. The system will shut the water off if the water flows for a set time. You can even have a different set of times for when you are away. It will also alert me if the temperature gets too hot or cold. Even saves me money on my home insurance! I love the system and it was very easy to install. 
Kenny S

“We are amazed with the results of our Water Hero. Even today, we located underground leaks. I purchased the Water Hero System because there had been multiple water events while my home was unoccupied. These events resulted in water bills over $1,000 for each breakdown. Since installing the Water Hero System, I see the water consumption in real time. This lead me to identify underground leaks that were not otherwise detectable. One leak had been active for 8 years! I am pleased with the capabilities the system has and look forward to monitoring water usage from the away position. I liked that the system was complete and easy to install.

Dirk K

Features that enable easy, home protection


  • Leak Alerts and Automatic Shut-offs: leak alerts and automatic shut-offs are driven by home/away modes, similar to a home security system. Each mode has a user configurable setting based on minutes of continuous flow.  For instance, we recommend that home mode be set so that after 30 mins of continuous flow, the user receives an alert and after 32 mins of continous flow your water system is automatically shut down.
  • Temperature Alerts: users are alerted upon high or low temperatures near the Water Hero to prevent against fire, furnace failure and/or freezing pipes
  • Power Failure Alerts: users receive an alert if power is out for more than a user-set amount of time. Water Hero continues to provide protection with its back-up battery
  • Home/away Modes: users can set Water Hero into one of three different modes to configure alerts and enable remote water shut-off
  • Automatic Mode Changes: at the users option, Water Hero can automatically place itself into ‘Away’ mode if it records no water usage over a prescribed number of hours.
  • Control via Water Hero’s Mobile App or a Web Browser: all data, services and configurable options are accessible via the Water Hero web browser and [to be released] mobile app (Android or iOS)
  • Text and e-mail alerts: alerts can be sent to one or multiple recipients—the end user, a neighbor or family member, or a plumber—in case of a leak or temperature setting

Continuous Operation and Updates


  • Backup Battery: continuity of protection is assured in case of a power outage by the on-board rechargeable lithium ion battery. This battery is able to activate the motorized shut-off valve multiple times and provide data for multiple days
  • Automatic Valve Cycling: water valves can become mineralized or corroded if not opened and shut on a regular basis. Water Hero can periodically exercise a shutoff valve (to loosen valves, and confirm function
  • Over the Air Software Updates: as we update our features, so will your unit. New software features and updates are ‘pushed’ automatically from the Water Hero Cloud to your device, keeping your Water Hero up-to-date at all times

Unlocking smart home integration


  • Open APIs: Water Hero is developing cloud-level application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow for future compatibility with other home automation systems
  • Data Ports for Quantified Home Enthusiasts: Water Hero includes a pulse output port to connect to compatible third-party home quantifying hubs, allowing them another means for tracking and analyzing water usage data. We also provide a serial output connection that allows access to Water Hero’s full-resolution data stream

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