Water Hero is the ultimate leak detection and water consumption monitoring device that sends leak alerts, monitors temperature and offers consumption information at the click of a button



Your personal dashboard guides alerts

Water Hero monitors your temperature and water flow. It sends text messages/e-mails and shuts-off your water based on your customized triggers, alerting you to any irregularity. 
Say goodbye to surprise water bills from underground leaks and protect your home against burst pipes

Access your historical water consumption

Gain access to your historical water usage information
Easily diagnose if an eroded toilet flapper is driving up your water bill overnight or if someone is using water irresponsibly

Two Water Hero systems:

 P-100: Monitoring, Alerts, & Shut-off

  • Quick installation by a plumbing professional by cutting into the pipe right where water mains enters a building
  • Offers real time monitoring, remote/automatic water shut-off and access to historical water usage
  • Models for 3/4″ and 1″ piping, integrating with a majority of plumbing configurations
  • Meter and valve hardware included with P-100

    Click Here to Download P-100 Product Sheet

K-100: Monitoring & Alerts

  • Easily installed by strapping Water Hero electronics onto an existing, indoor water meter and connecting to wireless internet
  • Offers real time monitoring with text/e-mail alerts and access to your historical water usage
  • Models for both residential, multi-family and commercial meters

    Click Here to Download K-100 Product Sheet

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