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Try Water Hero if you’d like a whole-home, robust leak detection solution without scattering tens of moisture sensors throughout your home or building

WiFi connected and easily installed.  Systems are easily cut into the pipe where water mains enter the home or secured onto an existing indoor water meter

Love it…Or Return it for a full refund. Test any one of our Water Hero Systems. If you aren’t satisfied, call us within 60 days for a FULL REFUND

Water Hero P-100: Leak Monitoring and Protection System with Shut-off

– Text/E-mail Temperature and Leak Alerts

– Remote and Automatic Shut-off

– Real Time and Historical Water Usage

– Wireless Connection over WiFi

– Size Options: 3/4″ and 1″

– Includes our smart water meter, shut-off valve, and more

P-100 Systems:

$599 to $699

Water Hero M-100: Leak Monitoring and Alert System

– Text/E-mail Temperature and Leak Alerts

– Real Time and Historical Water Usage

– Wireless Connection over WiFi

– Size Options: 3/4″, 1″, and 1 1/2″

– Includes our smart water meter and more

M-100 Systems:

$549 to $799

Water Hero K-100: Non-Invasive Leak Monitoring and Alert System 

– Text/E-mail Temperature and Leak Alerts

– Real Time and Historical Water Usage

– Wireless Connection over WiFi

– Compatible with meters up to 3″

No Plumbing Required!  Straps on to existing, indoor water meter

K-100 Systems:

$499 to $599

Water Hero L-100: Non-invasive Leak Alert System

– E-mail Leak Alerts

– Real Time Water Usage

– Connects Wirelessly to WiFi Network

– Compatible with residential meters up to 1″

– No Plumbing Required!  Straps on to existing, indoor water meter

L-100 Systems:


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