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Between the peace of mind gained from enhanced home protection, along with saving money with less water leaks and home insurance discounts, it’s no wonder why Water Hero customers love it.

See for yourself…

I love being able to see how much water is flowing, temperature of the pump house and how much water has been used…even saves me money on my home insurance

“We recently built our home and have well water. We have a pump house that feeds the home. I was looking for a way to view the temperature of the pump house on my phone. I was also looking for a way to measure how much water we were using. I found Water Hero which gives me this functionality, plus many more. I love being able to get on my phone, or the web, and see currently how much water is flowing, what the temperature of the pump house is, and being able to see how much water we have used. I can set alarms, where I get a text if the water flows for 30 mins. This is great and has allowed me to tease my wife for taking long showers! LOL. The system will shut the water off if the water flows for a set time. You can even have a different set of times for when you are away. It will also alert me if the temperature gets too hot or cold. Even saves me money on my home insurance! I love the system and it was very easy to install.”

– Kenny S

Enter Water Hero: the affordable whole house water shut-off device that offers real protection and peace of mind


“I had not realized that up to 1/3 of all insurance claims are water damage related. I immediately started to research water shutoff devices but found that most provided only limited protection because they rely on area sensors and others were too expensive and offered no remote internet control. Enter Water Hero: The affordable whole house water shutoff device that offers real protection and peace of mind. It was easy for my plumber to install and it has been easy for me to use. Water Hero offers simple customizable settings with easy internet control that allows you to see how much water you are using. Now that I have my Water Hero monitoring my home, I sleep better at night.”

– Cesar A

The product very easy to set up and has performed perfectly from the first.  Overall, very pleased with the product.

We recently suffered water damage for the very first time, when a $6 braided pipe failed, causing water to flow in the house for a few hours while we were away.  The consequence was approximately $35k in damage to walls and especially, our hardwood flooring, not to mention the inconvenience of having to move out of the house while the professional water mitigation crew were working…

I started to look online to see what might be commercially available. I found three products that roughly fitted the requirements, but the Water Hero P-100 was EXACTLY what I was looking for, and considerably less expensive than the other two.

I ordered the product, installed the electronics myself and hired a plumber to install the water sensor and ball valve. The product very easy to set up and has performed perfectly from the first.

Given we are residents of California, where we have had severe drought for the past few years, the realtime water usage meter is a bonus, as it allows us to see exactly how much water is being used, and by which devices/appliances

As a small bonus, our Insurance company offers a (small) annual discount on our premium for having a ‘whole house’ leak detector, such as this. In fact, given how frequently water damage occurs (much more frequent than fires), and the cost to the insurance industry, it’s surprising that they don’t offer an upfront cash incentive to homeowners to install such devices.

Overall, very pleased with the product.

 – Frank L., Los Gatos, CA

Identify underground leaks that were not otherwise detectable.  One had been active for 8 years.


“We are amazed with the results of our Water Hero.  Even today, we located underground leaks.  I purchased the Water Hero System because there had been multiple water events while my vacation home was unoccupied. These events resulted in water bills over $1,000 dollars for each breakdown. Since installing the Water Hero System, I see the water consumption in real time. This led me to identify underground leaks that were not otherwise detectable. One leak had been active for 8 years! I am pleased with the capabilities the system has and look forward to monitoring water usage from the away position. I liked that the system was complete and easy to install.”

– Dirk K

Having Water Hero monitor right at the source gives me peace of mind that I will be notified instantly in the event of an issue

“Having the peace of mind of knowing I will be notified in the event of unplanned water use is a great relief. We travel quite a bit and my parents are snow birds, so they are often away for months at a time. Knowing the Water-Hero is monitoring water use at the source ensures we’ll know very quickly when water is running, or when it goes over our thresholds. The other item we have come to rely on is the temperature value. We live in a very cold winter climate, and no one wants to come home to a furnace problem or a water problem. By being able to check the temperature in the furnace room (where our water meters are) via the Water-Hero dashboard from anywhere allows the peace of mind of knowing the furnace is running when no one is home.

I didn’t expect to change my water usage as a result of getting this device. After monitoring the water usage I could see on the dashboard just how much water I was using. Getting the detailed hourly breakdown showed we had a toilet that was leaking. By using the realtime indicator and turning off toilets one by one were able to find the leaking toilet and fix the issue. We also have set the email reminder to help us identify when we are using water for long periods of time. No one in the family wants to get the “someone took a shower for more than 10 minutes email”.

Though we have water detection products placed in locations throughout the house, having the Water-Hero product monitor right at the source gives me peace of mind that I will be notified instantly in the event of an issue, which will result in me being able to quickly rectify the problem, saving damage to my home, wasted water or frozen pipes.”

– Brent I

Paid for itself several times over already

“Mount Wilson Observatory has its own ‘small water system’ and consumes approximately 214,000 gallons of water per year. During the latest drought our wells stopped producing in March of 2016 and the cost of trucking water up here was $360 per 4,000 gallon truck load. We would routinely check and notate our meter each morning and tell by the consumption if there was leak on-site. We could potentially lose 1,200+ gallons if we had a single running toilet.  

Now with the WaterHero K-100 mounted onto our 1.5” meter our team receives a text and email notification if the meter is running constantly for over 5 minutes and has paid for itself several times over already.”

– Craig W

Try it, the peace of mind is well worth the small investment

“Four houses in my neighborhood flooded this past year because of cracks in toilet supply lines.  At least one homeowner was out of his home for 3 months while repairs totaling over $200,000 were completed.

I immediately changed all the toilet supply lines in my house but started thinking of all the other lines that could break and cause similar damage.  I researched all available options and finally decided to try Water Hero because it provided the most flexibility, most information and the most protection.

The unit was easy to install and it is real interesting to be able to see real time water usage.  I had questions before I purchased the unit and had several during the installation.  Each time I called or emailed I got a prompt response and always got my questions answered.  The customer service was impressive and one of the reasons I am taking the time to write this email.

I don’t recommend many products but I have been impressed with the product and customer service and since I have recommended Water Hero to a number of people already I thought I might as well write this testimonial also. Try it, the piece of mind is well worth the small investment.”

– Larry S

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